Pure Tone Audiometry

is a behavioral test that is aimed at measuring the severity and balance of an individual hearing loss. This measurement involves looking at the peripheral and central auditory systems to determine the degree of hearing loss to an individual. 

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Speech Test

is a method of measuring your ability to recognize speech. The test is quite similar to the pure tone test, but instead of listening to different tones, you listen to certain words spoken at different volumes, which you are asked to repeat. The results allow the audiologist to prepare an audiogram which helps him determine your speech reception threshold.

The speech reception threshold shows how well you hear and understand normal conversation. In other words, it measures your speech recognition. 

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is one of the methods that can help diagnose and monitor disorders leading to hearing loss, especially in children. It can determine whether someone’s hearing loss can be improved by hearing aids, or whether a medical treatment is an option to treat the loss. 


Real Ear Measurement (REM)

or probe-mic measurements is a tool that Audiologist’s use when customizing hearing aids to your hearing prescription.  This tool measures the sound pressure level coming out of the hearing aid and hitting your eardrum.  This is important because everyone’s ear canals are slightly different, and these differences can make a huge impact on the sound quality of the hearing aids. 

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Hearing Aid Fitting & Trial

A successful hearing aid fitting is more than just selecting the correct device for your hearing needs. The hearing aids need to be properly fitted to your ears so that they provide the correct amount of amplification to maximize hearing aid benefit. 


Industrial and Corporate Hearing Test

Aikontech Hearing offer enclosed audiometric testing booth. This testing booth is engineered to limit ambient noise and measurements are taken to ensure the accurate hearing tests possible.  


Home Service

It is not always possible that our customers or patients to get us without assistance. Whether mobility is an issue, or they have been advised by their doctor to stay in the home, we can put their mind into ease and help them make the steps towards improving their hearing health. Patient can benefit from a high standard care from one of our friendly audiologists who will take time to listen to any challenges he has been facing with his hearing and provide him with a hearing test from the comfort of his own home for just a small fee.