Beltone hearing aids fit every lifestyle and budget

At Beltone, our goal is simple: to bring you hearing so natural, listening is a pleasure again—wherever you go. And, thanks to Beltone’s leading micro-processor technology, our hearing aids are feature-rich, yet super small.

Hearing Aids

Beltone Rely, you’ll have everything you need to feel confident in any sound environment. It’s built with advanced technology that helps you manage multiple sounds at once, so you can always stay in control of your hearing.

The new Beltone Trust is not a typical hearing aid. Beltone Trust gives you unmatched ability to hear speech in noisy situations and the most options to connect to your favorite devices and to personalize your hearing experience- all in a virtually invisible package.

Easy to use and offering full Beltone Care service with remote fine-tuning whenever you need it, Beltone Amaze simply cannot be matched and take advantage of the rechargeable battery that will keep you going for a full day on a single charge!

The newest, most advanced hearing aid for severe-to-profound hearing loss, delivering powerful amplification, excellent sound quality, and seamless connectivity.

Beltone Bold features advanced technologies to help you hear better. It gives you the power you need, so you can follow what’s going on around you without distraction. Beltone Sound Shifter™ can make high frequency sounds, such as the voices of children or birds, easier to hear, while Adaptive Directionality and Speech Spotter options help you hear the conversation, even in noisy situations.

Beltone Origin takes the core technology from our most sophisticated hearing aids and simplifies it into an easy-to-use package. When you choose Origin, you’ll get an hearing aid with great sound quality to help you hear better in a variety of listening situations.

Beltone TURN is flexibly adjusted to your hearing by manual trimmer controls. Your hearing care professional doesn’t need a computer and cables – just a small screwdriver. Your Beltone TURN hearing aid can be tuned to fit your hearing needs everywhere.