Beltone Remote Controls

Adjust volume on both hearing aids at the same time and change hearing aid programs just with one touch.

  • Easily adjust the volume up and down on both hearing aids
  • Discreetly switch between hearing aid programs
  • Enjoy an easy-to-handle design with large push buttons
  • Benefit from a long-life battery that is easy to change

Discreet adjustment, when and where you need it

Beltone Remote Control 2 is a handheld device that lets you effortlessly and discreetly monitor and change environmental programs, and adjust the volume of sound you hear coming from the environment, or streaming to your hearing aids from TV, PC, phone and more.

Its big screen and simple controls make it fast to manage sound from your surroundings, and to start and adjust sound streaming wirelessly from your connected devices.

You can make adjustments wherever you go. Extremely user-friendly, it’s simple to see volume level, battery status and which program is in use.

Easy control at your fingertips

Choosing how you hear has never been easier. With the new and intuitive Beltone Remote Control you can discreetly adjust the volume of your hearing aids and change programs without even looking. The accessory is super tactile, so you can feel your way easily and make changes with just a touch. Make changes discreetly or out in the open – either way you’re in control.

Helping the world hear better