Video Otoscope Measurement

Individual service provided for every customer is crucial for the customer’s perception of your expertise and capacity. The Primus video otoscopy software module facilitates the dialogue with the patient, which contributes to higher customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Technical specifications

Model: OX2
DiameterØ (Probe / Ear funnel): 4.0 mm / 2.5 mm + 4.0 mm
Focal Distance: 8 – 20 mm
Interfaces: USB
Power Supply / Consumption: USB / max. 0.5 A
Risc Class (according to medical products law): 1
Protection Class (against electric shock): Class II
Operating Mode: Continous operation
Protection Class: IP65
Temperature (Transport / Operation): -10° C to +70° C / 0° C to 40° C
Relative Humidity: 0% to 95%
Air Pressure: 950hpa to 1050hpa

Video Otoscope OX2

The video otoscope OX2 was developed especially for the visual examination of the auricle, the outer auditory canal and the eardrum.
OX2 is very easy to install, understand and operate.

Proper hygienic

Disposable ear funnels with different diameters guarantee hygienic and trustworthy visual surveys.

Optimum image display

The images and videos are processed by means of the USB 2.0 connector from the PC or laptop. The image quality can be adjusted in the Primus video otoscope module for optimal ear examination.

Time-saving training

OX2 is the ideal tool for efficient training of your staff in terms of fitting hearing aids as well as inserting and removing them.